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Bay is a very versatile experienced photographer

He has worked for many clients which include :

Bates Dorland (Imperial Tobacco)
Kerry Foods - Homepride Flour
Knex - constuction toys
BBC - Tweenies Bill & Ben
Moneysyner - Viox
Black Cat - Boots Opticians
 Logitech - remote controllers
Brands 2 life - Nikon Disney Sony
Microsoft - Man pulling train with his teeth
Bright Giant - Hoover viral ad
Munro Forster - Nestle Phil vicary

Brian Camden Bandai Toys - Badge it

Nikon - Ben Saunders Mybridge series
Bruce Dunlop Assoc - Barclays cake eating Kids
O&M - Canderel
CMW - Ercol Sofas
Osprey - Airbus Indusries N Power
Codemasters - playstation Game-Flashpoint
 Pulse - Malibu
Cow PR - Cravendale milk
 Saatchi -Wimpey Homes
Disney - digital games
Silver Bullet - 3 fat man campaign
GGT -Aliance & Leicester  National Power The Sun
Sony - TV app
Golley Slater - Honda,Rav4 Furniture Village
 Spellbound Films - Koalas Bros
Tiny computers Givency.Port of London
TBWA (Nat West Bank
Hasbro - Toys & Games Action Man Sindy Twister Taboo Pictionary Puzz 3d Monopoly Trivial Pursuit
Worth communications Websense won award Viatel Frank & Earnest campaign
Jessica Walker chocolates - product & lifestyle
WWAV - Chelsea Building Society campaign
John Davey - Tomy packaging kerry foods