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Bay's image of the month is a Bananarama Album sleeve released in 1983 five years before photoshop
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Professional food & commercial photographer based in Fulham, close to Hammersmith, Kensington and Central London.

Photography has been Bay's passion and career for many years. His experience in the industry has given him a complete knowledge of photography and also project management, retouching, digital, set building, special effects, HDR photography and many other facets of the medium. Bay works in the studio or on location.

Having finished his degree in photography he covered stories from down trodden hippies clashing with residents in Glastonbury to celebrity exploits at the Cannes film festival commissioned by The Telegraph and Cosmopolitan. He shot iconic bands like Bananarama and The Pretenders for their album covers, one of which now hangs in the National Portrait Gallery.

Clients including Honda, Boots, Toyota, Hasbro, the BBC, Saatchi, Microsoft Imperial Tobacco, Airbus Industries, Lloyds Bank, Homepride, Young's Seafood and many more, utilise his knowledge of groundbreaking special effects and model making.

Toys and games packaging led to PR lifestyle shoots and food photography. Bay has a special understanding of the dynamic required to capture real emotions and interactions between people and products. He has a keen interest in food photography and has been developing his cooking skills. He works with a variety of Food and Props Stylists including his wife who has a props room at their studio location house in Fulham.